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Student Mental Health Forum

Improving Effective Joint Working


The Student Mental Health Forum is a partnership between the University of Manchester Counselling Service, Manchester Metropolitan University Counselling Service, and local NHS and voluntary services who are supporting students with mental health difficulties.  The forum provides an opportunity for those supporting students with mental health difficulties to develop and build partnerships, to gain information and updates on service developments, and help navigate and access the various support services.     

The next SMHF meeting

The latest Student Mental Health Forum meeting was held at the University of Manchester and included a presentation by the Manchester Dual Diagnosis Service.  The Dual Diagnosis Service offers support to those with a combination of mental health difficulties and alcohol or drug problems (“substance misuse”).

The minutes of this latest meeting, along with a copy of the Manchester Dual Diagnosis Service presentation is included under the Resources section

The date of the next SMHF will be announced shortly, if you would like to attend the next SMHF meeting or join the SMHF group, please contact pauledward.duffy@manchester.ac.uk

Students as Partners

Student Mental Health Forum Meeting

Representatives from the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University, local GPs and the NHS, and voluntary support services meet quarterly to share knowledge and understanding of the various support services available to students with mental health difficulties.   These meetings provide an opportunity for representatives to network, share best practice, and improve links between support services.

Should you wish to join the student mental health forum meetings, please email: pauledward.duffy@manchester.ac.uk

The SMHF meetings have included speakers from the Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, the Bodey Medical Centre, the Crisis Team, Dual Diagnosis Service and the Eating Disorder Service at Gaskell House.